REAL Success Package

We’ve taken our best training courses and coaching services and combined them into one package to help you achieve the success in your practice.

Process Deep Dive ($500 Value)

 4 Sessions of Goal Coaching,  ($1,000 Value)

  HotDocs BootCamp ($797 Value)

 Recording of the Summit ($299 Value)

 JumpStart Training ($497 Value)

 Bonus – 15% Off HotDocs Software Through End of December
($180 Average Value)

Bonus – 15% Off HotDocs Consulting Services for a Year
($1,200 Average Value)

Total Value: $4,473

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“Your presence was energizing. For example, when another long meeting of our small group of attorneys broke up yesterday afternoon, one of the attorneys wondered why she didn’t feel quite as enthusiastic as she had earlier in the week when you were here. Then she realized it was because we were slogging through this on our own. It’s hard work. You gave us a lot of forward momentum.”

Jane Skelton

I tried teaching myself HotDocs using the fat Owner’s Manual, but I couldn’t get the hang of it despite hours of trial and error.

However, my experience was quite the reverse when I got a set of your training videos. After watching just a few short sessions, one on creating a HotDocs template and a couple more on using text and true/false variables, with Liz demonstrating each step very clearly and precisely, it all CLICKED!

HotDocs for Dummies! I was then off and running and over the weekend able to create templates for our office that we have immediately started using with a great savings in document preparation time.  These videos are great!

Kemp Scales

REAL Automation got me to my goals and manage my expectations for delivery times and costs along the way. I have been so happy with their service, that, all these years later, I am still with them.

I highly recommend Real Automation to anyone who needs document automation.

Ben Neiburger

‘I loved the Practice JumpStart! ‘

Myrna Serrano Setty

Order the REAL SUCCESS PACKAGE Now for Just $997