Kim Mayberry will be presenting

Document Automation and Your Firm

At the UALA Business Partner Expo 2019

As a member of the legal community, you are constantly playing catch-up in order to meet your clients’ needs. Your clients want their work completed faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost than ever before; the stress of trying to reasonably meet the demands of your market is keeping your firm stagnant instead of encouraging you to grow.

In fact, the Georgetown Law School 2019 Report on the State of the Legal Market indicates law firms across the nation continue to have flat profitability.  One of the ways you can combat this reality is by implementing document automation.  Document automation allows you to increase document drafting speed and accuracy while maintaining your current level of staff resources.

During this CLE will we cover the following areas of document automation.

  • Pros and Cons of how most firms currently draft documents
  • How automating your document can address many of the issues in your current drafting process
  • How to prepare your documents for automation
  • Different automation solutions available on the market today

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