Knackly Releases External Interviews

One of the most time-saving features we designed for Knackly is now available. External interviews allow you to hand the majority of the information-gathering phase of document creation off to your clients, allowing you and your staff to spend less time on data entry and more time on substantive matters.

Instead of tedious rounds of sending out questionnaires, getting your clients to fill out and return the questionnaires, and then entering the information into a system yourself, you can now send your clients directly to a secure Knackly site to enter all of their information. Your clients will register and fill out the questions you’ve designed, and then all of your clients’ answers will be available for you to use in your automated documents.

We’re excited to roll out this feature and create even more time and cost savings for you.

To schedule a demonstration of what Knackly can do for your business, follow the link below: