Let’s Schedule a Free Review Of Your Current Document Assembly Process.

The software industry has sold everyone on the fact that if you install their technology in your firm you will automatically succeed and get the results.  That is not that case.  When we work with you we want to understand how you work so we can provide you with a solution that really solves the problem.

This is why our Deep Dive is so important.  During the Deep Dive, we get a better understanding of how you work and what problems you are facing.  This way we can present you with a solution that will solve your problem.

20+ Years Of Expertise in HotDocs™ Document Automation And Process Workflow Consulting.

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“REAL Automation got me to my goals and manage my expectations for delivery times and costs along the way. I have been so happy with their service, that, all these years later, I am still with them. I highly recommend Real Automation to anyone who needs document automation.”

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