HotDocs™ is the market-leading software that reduces document preparation time by 70%. Common applications for automated HotDocs™ documents are wills, trusts, loan documents, court forms, legal documents, and any other document that you use over and over. The power of HotDocs™ is its ability to take a commonly used document and turn it into a streamlined automated document system

HotDocs™ Product Suite
HotDocs User™ allows you to fill in templates that are developed in HotDocs Developer™. This version has the same look as the Developer version, just without the ability to edit the templates.

HotDocs Developer Limited Edition™ (LE), formerly HotDocs Standard™, is a scaled-back automation/assembly tool designed specifically for the small office environment. Sporting the same powerful logic engine as HotDocs Developer™, LE differs most notably in that it does not allow template publishing, meaning a template developed on LE must be used on LE. Likewise, LE does not support forms automation and scripting.

HotDocs Developer™, formerly HotDocs™ Professional, is the main automation/assembly tool and allows you to convert word-processing documents and PDF forms into HotDocs™ templates.

Practice Management and Database Integration
HotDocs can be integrated with practice management software like Time Matters and Amicus. REAL Automation Solutions can also work with you to integrate your HotDocs templates to an SQL Database or Access Database. By integrating HotDocs with a database you are able to enter the information once. The other advantage of integrating with HotDocs is that you create an automatic way to capture data for reporting and other application purposes.

REAL Automation Solutions is a Gold Partner with HotDocs™.  Contact us at (801) 766-3183 or to order your copies of HotDocs and to find out more about our training and consulting options.