8 Tips for How to Market a Law Firm

Law Firms around the world collectively generate over 300 billion dollars in revenue every year. That massive number sheds light on the fact that no matter what market you’re practicing in, there is high, steadily growing demand for quality attorneys.

This growing demand, however, has also caused growing competition. With over 1 million accredited attorneys in the United States alone, it’s getting harder than ever for your legal practice to cut through the clutter.

To help you get noticed, our team has put together this article covering proven methods on how to market a law firm. Our hope is that among the 8 tips below, you’ll find marketing strategies that will help lead your practice to prosperity!

1) Build a Website

This one is a no-brainer. No matter what industry you’re in, a website is the most integral part of your internet sales funnel. It will be your primary means of attracting new clients to your business online.

Given that over 3 billion people have access to the internet today, the growth potential a website can bring to your practice is immense.

Essential components of any good legal website is a description of the specializations you deal in, a description of your practice and of course, a way to contact you and schedule consultations.

You can later expand on that base adding helpful resources, testimonials and more!

2) Get Social Media Savvy

Social media is an excellent way to attract new clients and many channels are good means of marketing for attorneys.

To get started on social, first, claim your Yelp and Google business pages. Both of those channels are where people will leave your firm reviews.

It’s imperative that you do everything in your power to keep your reviews as high as possible.

High reviews in a place like Yelp can massively increase your client flow. Low reviews can stop your business in its tracks.

After getting active on review social sites, expand to channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. On those platforms, share helpful legal tips regularly that are less about marketing and more about educating.

3) Ask for Reviews/Referrals

Word of mouth is often said to be the highest converting method of customer acquisition. To make sure you’re maximizing this channel, it’s important that you’re always asking happy clients to leave you reviews online or directly refer their friends.

To help with this, consider offering an incentive. For example, you can tell a client that if they leave you a review on Yelp, they can get a free gift card or a couple of hours worth of free legal help in the future.

If a client is thinking of directly referring a friend, offer both the referrer and the referee a gift to increase the likelihood that they’ll follow through.

4) Create Free Resources

When people run into legal issues, the first thing they’ll do is turn to a search engine and start researching. People ask questions like, “How many years can you spend in jail for a misdemeanor?”, “How much does a lawyer cost?”, etc.

Imagine if all of those thousands upon thousands of people with legal questions landed on your website for their answers? Talk about having an excellent pool of people to sell your services to!

To make this dream your reality, create a blog/resource section on your website. Your blog can have a variety of 500-word to 1000-word posts answering common legal questions.

The more information you publish, the more chances you have of passive search traffic stumbling onto your site and being exposed to your brand.

5) Have as Many Communication Channels as Possible

People being able to contact you via phone is great. Them being able to contact you via phone, email, and live chat is a whole lot better.

You never want to leave customers who are afraid to get on the phone alienated from your business. You also never want to be unavailable to answer questions.

For those reasons, we recommend diversifying your contact channels and having at least one ready to communicate with leads 24/7.

6) Consider Paid Advertising

Paid advertising via Google’s pay per click, social media ads and more can be a great way to attract customers. These digital marketing methods allow you to focus on highly targeted demos with very specific needs.

That means that for every customer a Google pay per click ad campaign gets to your website, you can be sure that the lead is very interested in legal services and you have a high chance of converting them to a paying customer.

7) Get SEO Savvy

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of targeting certain phrases typed into Google on your website to maximize your search engine traffic. This can be accomplished via using keyword research tools like ahrefs, MOZ SEO, or by hiring a digital marketing agency.

SEO can dramatically increase your web traffic and also gives you incredible insight into what your customers care most about. This insight can optimize your practice from end to end and makes SEO one of the best methods of how to market a law firm available to you.

8) Go Out Into The Community

Digital marketing which encompasses a lot of our tips so far is a good way of how to market a law firm but certainly not the only method. Consider going out into the community and offering free legal advice to build your name.

Different events where people seek free advice happen in major cities all the time. While the return on your time investment may not be immediate, you can hand out business cards and get your brand out there quickly through these channels.

Wrapping Up How to Market a Law Firm

When considering ways how to market a law firm, there are more methods you can try than stars in the sky. Our recommendation is to start your efforts with what we’ve outlined above.

The above marketing channels, from SEO to social media and beyond, have proven track records, high returns on investment, and can target a large volume of specific leads with minimal effort!

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