How a Document Automation Consultant Can Help Your Firm

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, there are roughly 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S. currently.

And that roughly 7.5% of documents are lost while about 3% filed incorrectly.

All this inefficiency has many firms considering document automation, to make the process of running their firms easier. But they are at a loss for where to start.

The best way to do this is with a document automation consultant.

You may be asking yourself “why does our firm need a consultant?”

Buying and using software seems like a simple process of researching and purchasing based on which works best.

How will using a consultant make this process any easier?

Well the answer is, “it’s complicated”


When it comes to document automation, saying there are a lot of details would be an understatement. From minor things like collecting names and dates, to more complex tasks like choosing the right document templates for your firm correctly, choosing software that can accomplish all these tasks is difficult for a novice.

And integrating document automation software into an unprepared firm can be a disaster if there isn’t a lot of guidance.

But if done correctly it can be on of the smartest decisions your firm will ever make.

If you want to know how document automation consultants make the transition to automation easier, we’ll give you several ways.

Let’s take a look.

Simplify the Switch to Document Automation

For many firms, the process of making changes can be a catastrophe. It can grind business to a halt and leave employees severely behind.

Especially when that change affects a fundamental part of the firm, like its documents.

With automation expected to grow by billions in the next several years. Many firms know that automation will benefit them but are scared of the losses that will come from the process of changing things.

But change doesn’t have to be this way. Especially with document automation consultants here to help.

Consultants can make this change easy by integrating the change into software you already uses.

For example, we use HotDocs Server a software that plugs directly web browsers that most firms already use. It allows users to edit documents using web-based applications. This will allow you to automate word document creation in a short period of time.

This program can also extremely flexible and can be customized to your firm so you won’t have to waste time with a one size fits all system.

We also have Hotdocs Hub which is a module set that allows you to use Hotdocs services regardless of the size of the organization.

If you have a large company, this means that you can introduce the software all at once rather than having to introduce it one part of the company and to wait to introduce it to the rest later saving you time and productivity.

Customize Software to Your Firm

Firms that are new to automation often fear that they will not get a solution that works for their company. They are nervous that document automation means that they will be stuck having to restructure their company around software that might not work for them.

But fear not we have a solution to these problems that will address the specific needs of your company.

Hotdocs Developer allows you to customize templates to suit your company documents. With its template function, it allows you to have automated document creation specifically for your company.

Many firms struggle with the idea of templates because they feel document assembly process won’t fit their companies needs.

But many automated document creation programs allow you to mark up or edit information to fit your firm and your client’s specific situation and many consultants can help you understand how to personalize the software to fit your specific needs.

Consultants can also meet one on one with department heads to figure out how to use the software to help make their department run more smoothly and to help meet their client’s needs.

Understand the Document Automation software Your Firm is Using

Have you ever worked in a place where no one seems to understand the software there firm is using? They understand the basics functions of the software but have no knowledge of how it works beyond that point.

What many people don’t realize that by not completely understanding the software that they cannot fully take advantage of its features. Meaning that they are paying for features that they are not using.

But by using a document automation consultant you will never have to face this problem again. Many consultants provide mentorships and training programs that allow employees to get the most out of the document automation software.

Many consultants often break down the information in ways that make the make the process of understanding the software easier even for the most inexperienced user. So you never have to worry that you are not using all the features that the document automation software has to offer.

There are many different kinds of document automation software consultants available to help you from lawyers to software engineers.

This means that you can always find consultants with a variety of experience in the industry to help you understand the document automation software.

Get Started With a Document Automation Consultant Today

Implementing Document Automation software can be stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

By using document automation software consultants the process can be made simple and easy. We offer a variety of consulting services from our experienced team of lawyers and software engineers.

If you want to help make your firm more profitable and efficient contact us today.