HotDocs© is the market-leading software that reduces preparation time by about 50%. Common applications for automated HotDocs© documents are wills, trusts, loan documents, court forms, legal documents, and any other document that you use over and over. The power of HotDocs© is its ability to take a commonly used document and turn it into a streamlined automated document system. HotDocs© is useful for documents that are as simple as needing a name inserted to a document to complex expert systems with dynamic interviews, optional text, and calculations.

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We focus on providing a great value for our customers. We use the latest development techniques to create a site that will work on the desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

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REAL works with Small Business to ensure all of your systems work together. We are able to connect data from a number of different sources such as your Accounting Software, Client Management Systems, In-house Databases, Excel Documents, Web Apps, and Websites. By using this comprehensive approach and connecting all of your systems together, your ability to manage your business will improve. You will be able easily meet your clients’ needs now and into the future