Why HotDocs Software Is the Best of the Best

Did you know that employees spend 50% of their time looking for information? Employees are becoming less productive at work due to being unable to find important documents.

Machine and automation processes, however, can help. The legal industry specifically has a reputation for being behind on innovation.

What if law firms began embracing innovation? How about automation software? What if workers in the legal industry could get their time and productivity back?

We are here to tell you about HotDocs, a leader in the automation software industry, and how it can help you and your firm. HotDocs can help your firm get more work done in less time. Read on to see why HotDocs is the best of the best.

What Is Document Automation Software?

Document automation software is an application that creates legal document templates for you efficiently and through an automated process. Another term for it is document assembly.

Lawyers and law firms must spend countless hours putting together documents for their clients. These documents include complex clauses and each clause can include values, client names and different dates.

Traditionally, a law firm would create these documents through a word processor. They would go through each document and enter the correct details.

With document automation, the process of entering important information is streamlined. You enter the desired information through a guided questionnaire in the program and it creates your documents with the right formatting and styles.

Benefits of Automation Software

Why should law firms use automation software? Because it can save your firm money and time. Among the benefits of automation software include:

Increased Productivity

Does your firm waste hours preparing documents?

Without automation, lawyers usually create their own documents. Sometimes they would need to do this task themselves because they are the only ones who understand the legal jargon. Other times, they can offload this information to other employees.

But the fact remains, hours are wasted on a task that can be automated. Law firms can be using this time more efficiently, such as meeting with clients or in the courtroom.

Documents Become Easy to Find

Imagine looking for a document that you created months or years ago. You might need to search through several files and folders. With automation software, you know that all your documentation is in one place. You can easily use a search feature to find each document when you need it.

Better Relationship with Clients

If your law firm is preparing documents quicker and more efficiently, this means a faster turnaround time for your clients. This also means your lawyers and staff are not overworked from menial, time-sucking tasks.

There is also less room for errors with automation. Another benefit is that there is less of a chance of misplacing documents.

Happier clients can mean better reviews for your firm and more referrals which can generate more business and profit. As a business, good reviews and positive word of mouth can be crucial.

Higher Profit

A document that usually takes 10 hours to produce might only take one and a half hours with automation. If each document costs $1000 to produce, you can automate the process and spend $150 instead.

Why Law Firms Should Adopt Document Automation

They Will Get Left Behind

The legal industry is heading toward an automated future, and law firms should be quick to adapt. Automation and AI are here to disrupt the legal industry, but not necessarily in a negative way.

Automation can be a boon to lawyers and law firms. Machines are more efficient than humans in repetitive tasks such as document preparation and data entry.

Research shows that lawyers at top firms allocate only four percent of their time reviewing documents.

What does this mean for lawyers and law firms? Either change and adopt automation or be left behind.

Why HotDocs Is the Best

There are numerous automation software options, but we think HotDocs is the best, especially for law firms. Among the benefits of HotDocs includes:


HotDocs software is easy to use. The guided questionnaire makes it easy to input your data. The software then creates templates which you can repeatedly use.

You can use HotDocs with Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. You can also integrate HotDocs with business applications.

Reduces Risks and Improves Compliance

HotDocs ensures your documentation is accurate which can reduce risk and client dissatisfaction. You can also improve compliance with HotDocs by creating templates that adhere to your business’s policies and procedures.

See the Results Immediately

Once you set up HotDocs, you will be to see and measure the amount of time your business saves.

Can Use for a Variety of Legal Forms

You can use HotDocs for creating wills and paperwork that involves estate planning. You can prepare documents for loans or business formations. HotDocs can automate contracts or any other legal paperwork.

Can Use Two Types of Templates

You can use text templates or a form template. Text templates can be set up through word documents that your firm already uses. A form template can be used if you need your client to answer questions.

Can Benefit Through Training

HotDocs can reduce the time it takes to create a document by 70%. But to benefit the most out of the application, you can get HotDocs training.

HotDocs Can Get Your Law Firm Ahead

Law firms can adopt document automation software in order to be more productive and get ahead in the industry.

Want to learn more about HotDocs and how it can benefit your firm? Read our blog for more information and tips.