A HotDocs Software Pricing Scale for You to Compare

Do you ever get tired of typing out the same documents over and over again? Don’t you wish there was a way to automate important legal documents?

Instead of spending time creating wills, a power of attorney, deeds, and other standard documents, why not answer a few questions and get on with your day? With new advances in automation technology, you now have this option.

HotDocs is the best automation software out there. If you want to try this program but you’re concerned about HotDocs pricing, we’ve got the information you need to make an informed decision.

What Is Document Automation

Before we look at HotDocs, let’s examine what document automation is and how it helps your business.

You’ve heard the expression “time is money” right? That statement rings true, especially for legal firms. Law offices often deal with three or four forms that take forever to type out, even though they are standard for their company.

With automation, you only have to answer a few quick questions and you’ll produce professional documents. Mundane tasks take minutes instead of hours, saving you time and your customer’s money.

Imagine some of the possibilities of automation for your business. Mistakes caused by human error are virtually eliminated. You’ll be able to pass savings on to your clients, bringing more customers in with prices that beat the competition.

Why HotDocs?

Using HotDocs helps your business or law firm avoid risk. Many of the organizations that use this technology rely on accuracy to meet standards imposed by the government or professional agencies.

Every time you make a new document, you increase the risk of making a mistake. It’s simple statistics. Unfortunately, that one mistake can cost thousands of dollars in man-hours and more in legal fees.

Is it fair? No, but it is the reality. HotDocs decreases risk by automating the document process.

Another benefit is an increase in organizational efficiency. Documents that used to take ten hours to prepare now take two. Those extra hours allows you to serve other clients faster, getting your practice better reviews and more business.

It’s easier to comply with regulations as well. As you know, regulations can change fast in any industry. When they do change, old habits could creep in, and you might find yourself out of compliance because of a simple brain lapse.

With HotDocs, once there is a change in regulation, you change your base document. There’s no need to worry about developing a new habit when you can plug in the new information and get to work.

HotDocs isn’t only for inter-office use. In 2013, they took their technology to the cloud, meaning that no matter where you work from you’ll have access to your documents.

If you are a law firm or agency with multiple locations, this allows you a level of consistency unparalleled to other services. You’ll be able to ensure that all your employees create accurate documents. You can even produce documents while on vacation!

What Is The HotDocs Pricing Model

The great thing about HotDocs is their flexibility. The best package depends on what type of company you operate. Each company has different needs and thus they need different options.

HotDocs is confident that once you try their automation software you’ll never want to be without it. That’s why they offer a test drive of their software so that you can see first-hand what their technology looks like.

This is important for businesses because not all users excel at automation technology. Choosing the right program is as much about features as it is about how something feels when you use. Try it out to see if it’s natural to you. List any questions you may have about the software so that customer care can answer them.

We’re Here To Help You

If you’re interested in automation for your practice, we’re here to help. We believe that automation is the future of business. With advances in AI and computer software, companies will soon find themselves in a precarious position: automate or fall behind.

Take the first step to understanding if document automation is right for you by watching this demo. Then get with REAL Automation with any questions that popped up. Make sure you understand the features available to you and how to access them.  To do this schedule a Deep Dive of your current system. During the Deep Dive we will talk through your specific needs and determine if document automation with HotDocs is the right fit for your firm.