Big Question: How Fast Can You Transform Your Practice to Align with Legal Industry Trends?

The answer to that question will determine how long your practice survives.

Practices that fail to conform with industry trends in the next 12 months, may not live to see 2020.

Why? Because the trends are all bad…

  • The number of attorneys is at an all-time high…too much supply
  • Demand for legal services is flat and falling
  • Online automation is stealing clients from “human” firms
  • Productivity and realization rates are plummeting

When supply is high and demand is low and competitors are disrupting your industry, what CAN you do?

Well, here’s what one winner did.

Jeff Katz transformed his practice and is now reaping customers from former competitors (the losers).

Here’s some of what Jeff has experienced…

  1. More time to run his practice like a business…to think strategically, to think about marketing, to think about growth.
  2. A noticeable improvement in employee satisfaction…his people love working for him.
  3. A dramatic reduction in errors and improvement in customer retention.
  4. More time to spend with and on clients. “If we spend all our time on the 80% of things that are identical to what every other firm can offer, when would we have time to spend on the 20% that makes us unique?”
  5. A calm, problem-solving, idea-generating workplace.
  6. A “future-proofed” firm. “The only advantage we can offer is a superior customer experience. And commoditization is not going anywhere. It’s going to increase. We cannot afford to fall behind the technology curve.”
  7. Dramatic cost reductions.

How did Jeff achieve these results?

By facing the trends in the legal industry head on and taking action to insure his firm was aligned with those trends…not in the line of fire of those trends.

As Georgetown University’s review of the legal industry puts it…

The current challenge in the legal market is not that firms are unaware of the threat posed to their current business model by the dramatic shift in the demands and expectations of their clients. Instead… the challenge is that firms are choosing not to act in response to the threat, even though they are fully aware of its ramifications.

That’s why we’ve developed “Practical JumpStart.” 

Practical JumpStart (free to Practical Planning clients) is a 6-week online “bootcamp” to get your practice aligned with the trends of the legal industry.

In Practical JumpStart we’ll help you transform yours in six weeks.

Here’s how…

Over 6 weeks, we’ll focus on the six priorities to future-proof your practice…

  1. Finding Your “Why” If you don’t know this, you’ll never discover what and how to deliver the customer experiences your clients now demand
  2. Creative (and low-cost) Methods for Acquiring New Clients.
  3. How to Create Your Target Plan
  4. Cultivating Your “Client Zero”…Implementing 80/20 to your client acquisition methods to generate more clients fast!
  5. Website 101. How to force your website into the 21st century and turn it into the sales machine it must be to survive in the modern legal industry.
  6. Leveraging the Power of Google to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Client Attraction

Here’s how you’ll receive this practice-boosting coaching…

  • 6 power-packed, 30-minute online meetings.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to discuss, mastermind, and brainstorm with your peers.
  • Short, practice-building homework assignments.

If you want more clients, more profitable clients, lower expenses and happier employees…this is for you.


Warning: We’re only accepting 10 into this program. It starts April 5.


The price? Just $99.

Compare that to what you spend to acquire just one new client.

And if you implement what you learn in this course, you’ll get at least ten times the value. Probably much more.

Our Money Back Guarantee
In fact, if, at the end of the JumpStart, you do not believe you’ve received 10X value from the course, simply show us that you’ve done the homework and We’ll refund every penny!

That’s how much we believe in JumpStart.

But you can’t wait. The Jump Start begins May 2.