The Pathway to Success helps law firms to capitalize on their current strengths, learn how to solve problems as they occur, and create a positive and collaborative workplace that achieves results. This is accomplished through the principles of gratitude, respect, alignment, and teamwork by continually innovating to create greater value and purpose. The Principles of the Pathway to Success The underlying principles of our GRATITUDE system are used throughout the Pathway to Success Partnership. Each principle builds upon the previous principle creating a strong foundation that leads to Excellence.

What is the Pathway to Success Partnership?

The Pathway to Success Partnership is a six-month engagement.  We guide you through all of the steps outline above to create systems that are simple, easy to follow, and will solve the problem of delivering on time and error free.  The techniques and principals you learn can be applied in other areas of your practice to increase revenue and profitability.

Phases to Implement Your Pathway to Success

Phase 1 – Understand Your Current Processes and Identify Core Issues

Phase 2 – Develop Your True North and Success Plan

Phase 3 – Implement Visual Management and the Daily Huddle

Phase 4 – Stabilize and Improve Your Processes

Phase 5 – Develop and Implement Leader Standard Work

Phase 6 – Develop Next Success Plan to Propagate Successes to Other Areas

How does the Pathway to Success Partnership work?

The Pathway to Success Partnership is a 6 to 12 month engagement. We will guide you through each phase to create systems that are simple, easy to follow, and will solve the core problems the we have identified. This engagement will be done via on-site visits and web conferences. Because each law firm is unique, we will work together to develop your firm’s Success Plan to guide how and when we will implement each phase.

Next Step

Call (801) 766-3183 to schedule your 1 hour and 30 minute process evaluation. During this evaluation, we will work with you to develop your Success Proposal.

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Kim Mayberry has worked with law firms since 2004 to increase their profitability. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, author of the upcoming book “The Pathway to Success,” author of the Effectiveness Blog, and presents regularly to law firms and groups throughout the US.