Connectivity Between Your Systems

REAL works with Small Business to ensure all of your systems work together. We are able to connect data from a number of different sources such as your Accounting Software, Client Management Systems, In-house Databases, Excel Documents, Web Apps, and Websites. By using this comprehensive approach and connecting all of your systems together, your ability to manage your business will improve. You will be able easily meet your clients’ needs now and into the future.

Website Development and Design

We focus on providing a great value for our customers. We use the latest development techniques to create a site that will work on the desktop, smartphone, and tablet. We can help you with your

  • Business Sites
  • E-commerce Sites
  • Blog Sites
  • Mobile Apps

Single Entry of Data

We can create an environment where you can have a single point of entry and connect information throughout your organization. Client information that is in a spreadsheet, customer management system, or other sources, can now be used to begin creating documents for the loan. Creating a single entry point decreases errors and save a significant amount of time.

Report Creation

The ability to create reports from your borrower and loan data is an integral piece to what we provide during implementation. We work with our clients to ensure that once the system is implemented, our clients are able to access the data that they need to make critical decisions about their businesses.

We invite you to learn more about how REAL Automation Solutions can help you automate your business. Please contact us at 801-766-3183 to set up an appointment.