Our firm has used the services of Liz Mayberry and REAL Automation Solutions since 1998. They are knowledgeable, professional and easy to deal with. I would give them my highest recommendation. Since we started using REAL Automation Solutions we have been able to reduce the amount of time it takes our attorneys and staff to prepare documents. One staff member that handles most of our clients’ files processes approximately 1500 cases a year. We would not be able to serve our clients with that speed and efficiency if we didn’t have REAL Automation Solutions helping our firm.

Begley Law Group

When I started my law practice, I wanted my estate planning documents to look specific way and have specific provisions that I could not find in any commercial package. So I began to program my dream document system myself in HotDocs. This went well until I got too busy practicing law to program HotDocs. I then trained an employee to program the system so that we could finish it. Within a year or so the employee left, and I was back where I started, no time, and no employee trained in HotDocs.

At this point, I decided to outsource my system’s creation to professionals and I chose Real Automation. What I wanted to do was quite complex and involved. Kim and Liz Mayberry were able to get me to my goals and manage my expectations for delivery times and costs along the way. I have been so happy with their service, that, seven years later, I am still with them. I highly recommend Real Automation to anyone who needs document automation.

Generation Law

I have had the pleasure of working with Real Automation for about two years now. Not only do I find them extremely easy to work with, they are very helpful and always willing to go that extra mile. Their prices are straightforward—there’s no hiding the ball. Our consultant Liz is the total HotDocs expert. Not only did she recreate all our forms (and fix them), but she also assisted our office in a very difficult transition from WordPerfect to Word, creating a customized Toolbar for our users. I use that toolbar daily and I don’t know what I would do without it. If you choose to do business with REAL, you won’t regret it. Whether its creating your own customized Hot Docs system or purchasing their program, working with them is great and I look forward to working on future projects with them.

Gaw Van Male

Your presence was energizing. For example, when another long meeting of our small group of attorneys broke up yesterday afternoon, one of the attorneys wondered why she didn’t feel quite as enthusiastic as she had earlier in the week when you were here. Then she realized it was because we were slogging through this on our own. It’s hard work. You gave us a lot of forward momentum.

Jane Skelton

I wanted to let you know I found the HotDocs training videos that you prepared to be very helpful. Years ago we had someone in my office teach herself HotDocs sufficiently to create a library of templates for us. However, over the years, as we learned more and as the law changed, these templates needed revisions but we had no one on staff with that capability. I tried teaching myself HotDocs using the fat Owner’s Manual, but I couldn’t get the hang of it despite hours of trial and error.

However, my experience was quite the reverse when I got a set of your training videos. After watching just a few short sessions, one on creating a HotDocs template and a couple more on using text and true/false variables, with Liz demonstrating each step very clearly and precisely, it all CLICKED! HotDocs for Dummies! I was then off and running and over the weekend able to create templates for our office that we have immediately started using with a great savings in document preparation time.  These videos are great!

Kemp C. Scales