Creating an Express Contract: Easing Pain Points With Document Automation

When you hear the term “automation software”, what comes to mind? Over-priced, glitchy software that supposedly makes you work faster?

Maybe a 15 years ago this would’ve been true. But technology has come a long way.

Now, even the most familiar work at law firms, like an express contract, can be made much simpler.

Don’t believe us?

Well, prepare to be amazed! In this guide, we’re going to show you how contract automation can cut up to 70% of document drafting time.

What’s the Deal with Document Automation?

Document automation may be a new concept to you, or maybe you’ve heard of it before but can’t quite get your head around it.

Here’s an easy way to think about it: automating documents just means reducing the need to be a word processor and having the people drafting the documents to become decision makers

Sometimes this can be fairly simple stuff in word documents. But nowadays, even complex legal contracts can be automated.

There are many reasons why such automation is coming into effect in law firms worldwide. We’ll explore some of those now.

Why Automate an Express Contract?

Express contracts may seem like a routine job–you know, the type of one you’re sure you have down to a T at this point?

There are plenty of reasons you’d want to automate this type of job, however.

We refer to them as pain points, but they’re really just anything that slows you down or makes your work more difficult. But no matter how small the pain point is, it can be a killer to your business.

Never fear, though, with contract automation software there are many ways for easing the pain that can arise in any number of business scenarios.

Speeding up Document Creation

Ever spent what feels like an eternity writing, editing, or even rewriting the same express contract over and over again?

Well, all this tedious work can be massively cut down by document automation software. Templating, smart text-generation, and advanced editing tools are just a few ways in which it can be done.

The importance of tools like this comes into play when you realize you spend less time of repeat, and more time receiving pay.

Bettering the Bottom-Line

Because of the speed boost this type of software gives you and your business, old jobs can finish quicker and new jobs can be taken on sooner.

All this means your profit margin is bound to increase with automation.

Now, we know that you can’t make every customer happy. But it’s not just customers contract automation helps.

Cutting fees you have to pay in the process also plays a big role. Automation can achieve this.

With this technology, attorneys will have less time working on the express contract. This means you don’t have to fork out big bucks for long hours!

Managing Your Brand like a Marketing Pro

We believe firm standards are important, and your standard of branding is no exception!

In keeping with this belief, we are convinced that when someone sees a contract written by your firm they should know where it came from.

Some software that helps you automate documents also helps you keep your branding consistent in them.

The amount of help you get varies by software. In any case, though, be sure your brand is consistent across all of your documents.

Clearer Contracts

Automation doesn’t just help you make documents quicker. It can help you make them better, too.

Contract automation software can help you be more clear and concise in an express contract. This is handy because it means your customer can more easily read and understand the document itself.

Less explaining for you, and a better point of reference should any problems arise later on–sound great, doesn’t it?

Satisfied Staff

It has recently been found that staff who are happy are more productive, and this can help them stay at the same company for a longer period of time.

Automation is great for boosting employee morale, too.

Cutting back on tedious, repetitive work means your employees spend less time mindlessly typing, and more time focusing on real work.

All this adds up to help your team feel like they’re contributing more to your firm, which helps them feel more satisfied with the job itself.

if it seems odd to you that a simple piece of software can have such a big effect on mood, think for a second of the parts of your job that are boring.

How much better would you feel if you could spend less time doing those parts while keeping up consistent quality? Now you can begin to understand how your employees would appreciate some contract automation.

Bridging the Gap and Winning the Game.

Whilst automating documents for easing the pain of document creation is becoming standard across the industry, many law firms are yet to get onboard with this idea. This makes now a great time for you to get a head start on the competition.

Bridging the tech gap in your firm is a great way to stay on the bleeding edge of industry standards, too, which is a great sign for potential customers.

Singing This Deal

So there you go, just a few ways document automation can help you with creating an express contract.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any more questions about us, our business, and our software feel free to check out our team and goals on our About Us page.

For now, though, we’ll sign this deal off and let you get back to creating those contracts.