We’ve worked with a number of law firms over the years. By creating a standard within the law firm of how they create documents has helped the firms we work with. The document automation gives them the ability to easily train their staff on how to create new documents. The system walks the person through the entire process.

Having a standard on how you do tasks in your firm helps you in the following ways:

  • Training staff becomes much easier because the process is documented and easy to follow. You get the same output no matter who does the work.
  • Having a set process in place creates an environment where you know exactly how much time it takes to perform a particular task.
  • You are able to make improvements to a process because you have a benchmark that you can compare your results to. Without a baseline you have no way of knowing if you actually improved your process.

For those firms who want to improve their processes it is time to put standards in place. Here is a link to a case study on a standard that we put in place for our client Yosemite Farm Credit.

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