HotDocs has released a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) automated document generation application called HotDocs Document Services. With HotDocs Document Services, you can store your templates in the cloud and produce documents from most browsers. HotDocs Document Services is great for offices that have multiple locations, have virtual staff members, are looking for ways to better control access to the firm’s templates, or just like the idea of having their templates in a cloud environment.

A new feature that HotDocs Document Services offers is customer interviews. This new feature allows you to send your clients an interview via email and then allows your clients to enter their information. After your clients have completed the interview, you can then review their information and generate your clients’ documents quicker, thereby reducing the time you spend entering client information.

HotDocs Document Services Pricing

  • 30-Day free trial
  • Entry level package is $99 / month / 1-5 – user subscription
  • First 100 client interviews are free of charge
  • Additional client interviews billed at $1 each
  • No setup fee
  • 12 Month Contract
Number of Users Cost per month
Up to 5 $99
6+ $19 Per Addl. User
20+ $17 Per Addl. User
50+ $16 Per Addl. User
100+ Call for Pricing

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