How to Maximize Efficiency by Working with a HotDocs Consultant

Currently, there are roughly four trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone. Chances are, you don’t feel like dealing with them. The good news is that a HotDocs consultant can help you get rid of all these papers.

If you’ve never utilized HotDocs, it’s time to start, and if you haven’t spoken with a HotDocs consultant yet, then you’re not really using HotDocs.

Don’t see what all the fuss is about? Read on to learn more about how a HotDocs consultant can help you today.

What Is HotDocs?

Before getting into the benefits of HotDocs Consulting, it’s important to know what HotDocs is and why it may be the right program for you.

In it’s simplest form, HotDocs is a documentation automation software program. It’s ideal for turning standard documents or forms into smart templates.

The overall process can streamline your business operations, simplify your hiring practices, and even help you create clear and straightforward contracts with your clients.

Who Is HotDocs Best for?

While HotDocs can be utilized in any industry, it’s best for those that deal with heavy amounts of documentation on a regular basis. Law firms, paralegals, talent managers, insurance professionals, and accountants are just a few examples.

This type of software is also ideal for anyone who has to complete job training or the overall hiring process on a regular basis.

What Is a HotDocs Consultant?

What many don’t know is that HotDocs has a service team that includes a wide variety of professionals. Its team includes project managers, software engineers, and even lawyers to help you get the most out of your HotDocs experience.

The company understands that in order for the software to benefit every area of your business, it’s necessary to know its ins and outs. HotDocs consultants can provide the guidance you need to take on a variety of tasks.

How Can a HotDocs Consultant Help You?

How a HotDocs consultant helps you really depends on the type of project you’re working on. It’s important to know what tasks will be needed throughout your project so that the HotDocs consultant can assist you with every area at one time.

If you’re not working on a specific project, a consultant can also help you streamline your overall business processes. The goal is to make your everyday tasks as fast, easy, and straightforward as possible.

Organize and Mark Up Documents

Have a ton of paperwork that still needs to be edited? Want a more efficient way to pass notes on to colleagues regarding their documents? A HotDoc consultant can show you how to create clear, marked up documents in no time.

With HotDocs, you’ll be able to track who made what changes, add notes to edits, an easily flip from one document to another without having to repeatedly close and reopen windows.

Convert Documents into Templates

Whether it’s a contract for a new client or agreements for a new employee, having to constantly copy, paste, and re-edit forms to fit your needs can become old fast. The good news is, there’s an easier way to do this.

Your HotDocs consultant will help you easily take any document you use on a regular basis and turn it into a fillable, editable template. Not only does this make your job easier, but it streamlines on boarding processes in an incredibly professional way.

Design a HotDocs Interview

Hiring can be a painfully long process that becomes even more intense while you’re trying to manage your own workload. To speed up the process, new hires are often taken on without the proper process in effect, which can be a waste of thousands of dollars.

Keep the interview process fast and straightforward by having a HotDocs consultant assist you in turning a standard document into a full-fledged interview. Now you don’t have to sacrifice a quality hire to quickly fill a position!

System Integration

The best way to utilize HotDocs? Integrate it with the other applications you know and love.

That’s right, HotDocs works with your other apps to open the door to endless usage possibilities. From booking appointments to making reservations, it’s all doable.

However, if you aren’t familiar with integration or combining web apps, you may want to speak with a HotDocs consultant who can assist you. Once you get the ball rolling, you won’t believe how simple some of your daily tasks will become.

Project Management

Project management plays a vital role in any business. New hires are often brought on just to oversee the numerous projects within an organization. That’s because any slip-ups in a project’s development can quickly lead to wasted time and money.

That’s why the folks at HotDocs made sure the software features an array of tools perfect for project management, communication, and overall development. If you’re not sure how to apply these tools to your project, then it’s strongly suggested that you speak with a HotDocs consultant.

Find the Right Tools for Your Business

While there are countless apps and tools online – all claiming to help streamline your business – very few take the time to teach you how. You’re often thrown onto a platform and left to figure it out for yourself. Fortunately, with the help of a HotDocs consultant, you won’t have these problems anymore.

With professional guidance, you can get a clear understanding of all the ways the software can benefit your business. Most importantly, you’ll receive a step by step guide on how to make those benefits happen.

Real customer service instead of empty promises, now that’s a tool we can get behind.