You might be caught in the same thinking that I used to have. That you can multitask and get things done faster. If an email popped up in Outlook I would check it out and then go right back to the task I was working on.

The problem was I wouldn’t get right back to working on the task that needed to be done. I would divert my time to that email and my mind would think about it. Then when it came time to get back to the task that I should be working on, I had to remember where I was.

There have been a number of research studies done in the past few years on the effects of multitasking. Each of them have come to the conclusion that multitasking may be causing a loss of productivity of as much as 40%. That’s almost half of your day.

So how do you stop the productivity loss of multitasking?  First, you have to stay focused on the task you are currently working on and not get distracted by emails, phone calls and other things that are happening in your office.

Second, I like to group like tasks together. For example, if you are working on preparing documents for a client, then make sure you complete them all at once. Third, realize that everyone else in your office is dealing with the same issue. If you disrupt their flow then you have just helped them become less productive.

Document automation will really help with this. Automation ensures all documents for a client are completed all at once. It also keeps each staff member on task.

Learn how document automation can help you improve your firm’s processes by scheduling a free 1 hour process evaluation.

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