If you are like many people, the thought of tackling a problem sounds draining. Maybe you need to look at problems in a new way so that you can solve it without the normal drain.

Many times we tend to jump to conclusions about the problem we are trying to solve.  Then we come up with a solution to the problem but it didn’t really work.  Then the next time you try to tackle a problem you get more resistance.

Here is a new way of looking at what the real problem is.  First you need to start by not blaming the person. You need to look at why the process isn’t working.  With the blame game gone it will be a whole lot easier to solve the problem.

Next, ask why the problem exists in the first place.  You need to understand the real root of the problem before you can fix it.  Then ask why 4 more times and see what real problem is.  Once you know the root of the problem then it becomes a whole lot easier to come up with the solution.

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