Have you ever noticed how you expect to find answers to everything within minutes now?

I recently rented a convertible Camaro and I wanted to get the top to come down.  I thought it would be easy to do. Usually you just pull the lever on the roof of the car and you can put the top down. Well, this wasn’t the case with the Camaro.

I fiddled around with it for about 5 minutes, then I thought that I should look at the owner’s manual.  Then the thought occurred to me, maybe I can find a YouTube video about it and that would be faster than thumbing through the owner’s manual.  I did a quick search on my phone, pulled up a YouTube video and watched the video.

I found out during the video that I had to move a lever in the trunk before I could release the lever on the top of the car to get the top to come down. I realized in this moment that we really do live in a DIY world where everything that you’d want to know is at our fingertips.

This experience got me thinking about the attorneys that we work with. Do they realize that we now live in a DIY legal world too?  A world where every client can find out a wealth of information, maybe even misinformation, about the services the attorney is offering.

Does this mean that going to an attorney is going to be a thing of the past?  I don’t think so. But if you aren’t meeting and exceeding your clients’ needs then you are going to struggle.

So what does it take to compete in the DIY world that we live in?  It comes down to three essentials.  You need to beat your client’s expectations in delivering your services, you need to be delivering error free services, and you need to have your client’s best interest at heart.

How are you going to accomplish this?

By having a document production system in place. With a system you can know exactly when you are going to deliver your documents because it happens every time. With a system you can get rid of errors in your documents. With a system you can focus on your clients’ needs and not on how the documents are going to be created.

I’d love to hear your comments about the DIY of the legal world.  Please comment below!

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