Over 18 years ago, my wife and I fell in love with document automation. We love what it can do for firms.

It all started when my wife, Liz, took a class in law school on how to automate documents in HotDocs. She later went on to work as a trainer and consultant. Then, in 1998, my wife formed her own HotDocs consulting company.

Why was she drawn to document automation? Back then it had to do with the simple fact that it saves time and reduces errors.

So if you could cut in half the time it takes for document preparation time, what would you or your staff do with that free time?

We guarantee through our 3 Point Promise that you will get results and cut your document preparation time in half. Our 3 Point Promise is:

  • You will reduce your document preparation time by at least half.
  • You will reduce the number of errors in your documents by at least half.
  • We will ensure that your staff is trained on how to get the above results.

We know that unless you see the results that you are looking for and get a return on your investment, there is no reason to undertake a document automation project. This is why we are passionate about helping you create a baseline of how long it takes to create your documents before automation and after automation.

During the initial 30 minute meeting at your office, we will go through the process and show you how to track time to create a baseline. Once the data is entered into our system, we can then create a report that shows you how much time you are currently taking and how much time it will take after document automation.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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