We are helping firms succeed every day. If you know someone who is a great technology paralegal, please forward this email message to them.

  • The position we are hiring for is a Technology Paralegal. This person will help in the following areas;
  • Coordinate our 3 Point Document Automation Promise to ensure our clients are meeting their goals.
  • Test our client’s documents to ensure that we are getting to our goal of zero errors in documents.
  • Install automated documents on client’s computers.
  • Work with clients to ensure their documents are ready for automation.
  • Help with the client implementation of our Client Hub online interview.


  • This is a 30 hour a week position.
  • This person should be based in Utah near Salt Lake City and will be a remote team member to start.
  • Solid understanding of technology.
  • Ability to implement IF THEN logic within projects.

If you are interested in this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to me at kmayberry@realautomators.com.

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