The average small business spends between 21 to 80 hours per year processing paperwork. When it comes to law firms you can trust that this number increases dramatically. Fortunately, with the use of interactive forms, you can dramatically reduce the time spent on filing, sharing, and processing paperwork.

If you’re new to the world of interactive forms read on to learn more about its powerful benefits and how you can utilize this tool today.

What Are Interactive Forms?

Interactive forms pair technology with the many documents that you need shared and signed on a daily basis. With the right interactive form software, you can make your client’s experience seamless and easy.

Interactive forms are also a great way to gain word of mouth marketing from your clients. The easier things are for them, the more likely they are to refer you to friends and family.

The Benefits of Interactive Forms

No matter what type of law firm you have, you’ll find you can easily benefit from the use of interactive forms. You’ll also find that through the use of interactive forms you can save time, money, and energy as well as reduce the number of errors that occur.

Read on and learn about the many benefits that come from using interactive forms and how you can begin implementing them in your firm today.

Full Automation

With the right software behind your interactive forms, you can create automated processes that practically manage themselves.

Whether managed from your personal dashboard or set up through third-party apps like Zapier, you can assign a trigger to certain actions that automatically send out the next form.

For example, if you know a legal process requires a certain order of forms or requires a form to be approved before moving on to the next step, you can set both of these actions as triggers that will automatically send out the next form.

Signature Friendly

When creating forms for your clients you may find a bulk of your time goes to copying and pasting signature spaces and attempting to format them to the size you need.

Fortunately, with interactive forms, the process is as simple as dragging and dropping signature fields where you need them. The forms print beautifully and can even be signed digitally.

Easy Storage

There’s a good chance your firm uses countless forms for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with thousands of form types, it can be difficult to find a way to easily access your documents in a moments notice. It can also be challenging to send the forms to your clients when the instant they need them.

Fortunately, with Interactive documents, all you have to do is create different settings and categories for each of your documents. Once you save them they should be easy to look for from the search bar. From there you can send clients whatever they when they need it.

Automatic Updates

In the legal system laws and forms change on an almost daily basis. It can be difficult to keep up with all the new rules and regulations, which then increases the time it takes to send your clients the right paperwork. Fortunately, with interactive form programs, you can have auto formatted docs updated in real time.

Format Variety

As your firm grows you may find that your business branches off into different sections which require a variety of different forms to be used. Not only do interactive forms provide you with paperwork in a variety of professional formats, but it also allows you to download these documents in a variety of file formats as well.

From Microsoft Word to Corel Word Perfect, and even your basic PDF files, you’ll be able to easily export all paperwork in whatever format you or your clients may need. There’s also the added benefit that each format can easily be edited or changed by you and your clientele.

Increase in Productivity

Once you’ve downloaded the interactive forms software, you can make it easy for your entire team to access its dashboard.

Not only does this mean that work becomes completed at a faster rate, but it also means you can rest easy knowing fewer errors will occur. Anything that streamlines productivity is always a plus in our book.

Enhanced Confidence

If you lack confidence when it comes to drafting paperwork or contracts, Interactive forms can bring some ease to the process for you. Not only is there no need to worry about spelling or grammatical errors, but you can also be assured that each contract or form will be written from a professional standpoint that makes you and your entire firm look good.

Fewer Errors

Chances are you have a lot to manage within your law firm. As a result, you may find more errors tend to occur in your documentation. Fortunately, by using interactive forms you can dramatically reduce the number of errors that show up in your documentation.

Not only will this make you look better in front of your clients but it will also reduce the amount of time spent filing paperwork and having it returned due to simple mistakes.

Ways to Use Interactive Forms in Your Firm

From drafting contracts to internal employee paperwork, there are a number of ways to use Interactive forms in your firm. Read on for some handy suggestions on how to use your interactive forms today.

Human Resources

Every new hire at your firm means plenty of paperwork needs to be filled out and submitted. From payment information to social security information and even information on health care, you can streamline the onboarding process by having the paperwork ready to go within your interactive form software.

Standard contracts and agreements

There are some jobs in your firm that are as simple as filing the right paperwork. unfortunately, it takes time to dig up the paperwork each time you need to file them. By using interactive forms you can automate this process to create an easy access approach for your clientele.

The Right Solution for Your Firm

No matter how you choose to use interactive forms, there’s no denying that the right software can enhance productivity, save money, and help grow your business in no time. However, you may still be wondering which interactive form software is the right choice for you.

If you’re trying to narrow down the right document automation choices for your firm feel free to contact us today to schedule your free consultation.