91% of dissatisfied customers leave without complaining. That’s a huge number. It’s 9 out of every ten dissatisfied customers.

Therefore, keeping customers happy becomes a chief business concern. That’s easier said than done. You only keep your clients as long as you offer better client experiences than the competition.

This is why automated document creation is so important. Most law firms are already using document automation software. If you aren’t, chances are you’ll lose up to 91% of your clients to the competition.

Offering your clients the best document automation option possible is the only way to tower over your competition. Luckily that’s not too hard. HotDocs is the indisputable champion of document automation software.

Read on and learn how you can use HotDocs document creation software to save money.

First things first:

What Is HotDocs?

HotDocs is the most decorated provider of document automation software. Document automation transforms word documents and PDFs into smart templates that help users fill all information relevant to a document. Document creation has never been easier.

In a couple of minutes, you could create documents that would otherwise take days. Saved time isn’t even the greatest thing about automated document creation, there’s so much more:

Document Creation: Why HotDocs Rocks

HotDocs brings four main benefits to a law firm:

  • Improves document accuracy
  • Improves compliance
  • Improves efficiency
  • Lowers operational costs

Document Accuracy

Automation improves the accuracy of documents. Complex documents are easily transformed into interactive HotDocs legal templates. This way, data used to create documents can be controlled to mitigate common errors.

For example, the date of birth can be automated to match the age. That way, clients won’t accidentally give the wrong data. Read more benefits of HotDocs document automation for law firms.

Improved Compliance

The law is a stifler for accuracy. Therefore, accurate documents improve compliance. Here are more details on how to automate HotDocs.

You should also consider scheduling HotDocs training. Learn the basics and make the system work for you.

Improved Efficiency

Automating document creation makes the process more time-efficient. The average law firm creates hundreds of documents every day. Document automation turns even complex document creation processes into straightforward activities.

Couple that with the fact that automation builds in safeguards to reduce errors and you’ll see why HotDocs legal documents are of absolute importance to your law firm.

Lowered Operational Costs

Conventional document creation is expensive and tedious. The increased expenses trickle down to your clients. Therefore, incorporation of document creation software into your day-to-day reduces the cost of doing business with you.

Can you think of a faster way to endear your firm to the masses? I can’t. Let’s now look at law firm-specific problems that document automation will solve:

Document Creation: Saving Your Law Firm Money

Inefficiency can cost your law firm up to 30% of revenue. Let’s consider how this is reflected in document creation. The slower the process the longer employee hours dedicated to the task.

It’s worse when errors find their way into the documents. More employee hours are needed to right the wrongs. When saving money, every second counts.

I’ll illustrate with some quick maths.

Document automation saves approximately 20% of document creation time (a conservative estimate by all means). That’s the equivalent of squeezing an extra day of document creation from your employees every week.

That’s an extra day without extra pay. Below are more ways document automation will save your law firm’s money:

The Profit of Loyalty

70% of client experience is based on how they feel treated. That’s to say the quality of interaction with your firm is held higher than the quality of your offering. Document automation makes the experience of filling out legal documents straightforward.

This improved interaction endears you to your clients. How does client loyalty save your firm money? Well, it costs five times less to maintain an existing client, than it does to gain a new one.

The Profit of Speed

Time is money. Your clients will appreciate every second you save them. It’s important that clients leave happy.

In today’s digital world, bad reviews spread like wildfire. Of more concern is the fact that you need 12 good reviews for every negative one.

Increased Productivity

Document creation is synonymous with every legal process. It’s not uncommon for law firms to hire special help to manage the process during busy seasons. This extra cost is easily mitigated by the employment of HotDocs document automation software.

Document automation rids the document creation process off redundancies maxing out productivity.

Customer Trust

Customers can be very hard to please. You can’t always rely on their feedback to iterate your workflow. In fact, first impressions are the make or break moments of customer interaction.

That said, automation builds credibility. It shows that you are aware of the trends of the day. No one wants to deal with a law firm stuck in the middle ages.

Here are more law firm technological trends to build your credibility.

Measurable Results

The benefits of document automation are easily measurable. This is because they are observable immediately automation begins. Even hard to measure paradigms like user satisfaction are easily quantified in an automated system.

This is because the system can be customized to record and analyze user behavior. That aside, the biggest benefit of an automated system is its ability to reduce workplace distractions.

Distractions are responsible for the loss of 759 hours every year. Monotonous tasks are largely to blame for the boredom that leads to distraction. Document automation handles the monotony of document creation.

Quick Recap

Automating document creation will save your law firm loads of money. Clients and employees will appreciate the reduction in complexity. You’ll also be able to mitigate the most common form-filling errors.

HotDocs document creation software is trusted by over 11,000 firms and companies around the globe. To tap into the power of HotDocs document automation, consult with us. We’re here to help.