Your receptionist receives a call from a person asking about your firms services. Your receptionist asks if they would like to set up an appointment. The person says that would be fine. Your receptionist then looks at the attorney’s calendar and sees that the following Thursday at 10:00 am is available and schedules the caller for an appointment. Your receptionist then enters into your client management system the necessary information about the client, such as their name, address, and phone number. This information is then pulled into HotDocs™ to generate an initial letter to the client reminding them of the appointment, and creates a questionnaire for the client to complete and bring with them to the appointment. The questionnaire is designed to help gather the appropriate materials and information they need to bring to their initial appointment.

During the interview with the client, the attorney has the interview outline printed with the client’s name. Various options are discussed, and the client determines they would like your firm to represent them. The remainder of the information for the interview is discussed, and all of the necessary questions are asked and answered. There is no need to call the client back because of missing information, they were prepared for the interview by filling out the questionnaire and bring the appropriate materials, and you were prepared to discuss their legal issue(s). The attorney or the assistant then enters the information from the interview outline into your document system. The HotDocs™ document system is designed such that once the information is entered it can be used through the rest of the system. Thus you have accurate draft documents created quickly.

If you use a system specifically designed for your office, you will be able to ensure that every document and every interaction you have with the client will be a positive experience. When your client has other legal issues arise, they will be returning to you because of your consistent service. They will also be a source for referrals.

You will be able to focus on the part of the aspects of your practice that you love. Your worries about whether you have the correct name in the document or if you forgot to have a him instead of a her or extra or missing section of a document will be gone. Your automated client and document management systems will take care of these things for you.

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