HotDocs© Document Automation allows you to transform your documents into dynamic data devices. Automated documents help save time and money expended on document creation. HotDocs© Automated documents can be created and customized for new clients within a few minutes. Not only do automated documents save you money, but they also reduce the number of errors that typically result when reusing documents. Well-automated documents don’t forget to change the client’s name in part of the document or accidentally leave inapplicable paragraphs in place. Because the client’s information entered in one document carries over to the next document, time is saved and errors are reduced. This also helps provides consistency among the different documents assembled for the client.

HotDocs© Document Automation provides firm-wide uniformity in assembled documents and is a great way to help new associates and paralegals get on their feet. A network document automation system allows every person to create identical documents.

HotDocs© Document Automation simplifies the document creation process. Rather than having to search and replace information throughout the document, information only needs to be entered once at the beginning of the automated process. From that point forward, the client’s information will appear in all the appropriate places throughout the document. In addition, most automation systems are capable of integrating with office management systems such as Time Matters and Amicus. This further eases the document creation process by allowing you to directly extract the information entered in these programs into your documents.